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Getting Solar Leads to Call You

Getting Solar Leads to Call You

Every day, there are thousands of homeowners searching for things like “best solar installers near me” and “how much do solar panels cost?”

SEO is a great strategy for attracting these leads, but it takes time. What do you do while you wait for your site to rank?

In my humble opinion, Google Call Only Ads is the way to go.

What the heck are Google Call Only Ads?

Call Only Ads are a relatively new offering from Google. Over 50% of searches are done on mobile devices. Rather than directing smartphone users to

  1. click on your website link
  2. wait for it to load
  3. hope that it’s mobile optimized
  4. find a form to submit
  5. wait for you to get back to them

they call you directly from the search page.

Even better, you only get billed when someone clicks on your phone number, and you can track everything.

Example for Solar Lead Generation

For example, I built a call only lead generation campaign for a solar company in Florida.

I set it up such that only calls lasting longer than 60 seconds count as a conversion. Every call is recorded, automatically transcribed, tagged for specific phrases that the customer says.

Within 30 days, we generated 22 60+ second calls at an average cost of $36.48 each.

Solar Lead Generation Call Only Ad Campaign

These are hot leads who are familiar with solar power and want a quote now. They’re also only calling you, not submitting their info to an aggregator site to send to multiple solar companies.

Benefits of Generating Solar Leads via Call Only Ads

After the call happens, there’s still marketing work to do.

We look at how the call came in (organic search or Google Ad). We track the keywords used to trigger our ad. We review the transcript and listen to the recording and consider whether the inside salesperson could have improved at any point. And we ensure the lead is properly tagged in our CRM for follow-up.

There are a slew of benefits of to incorporating this solar marketing strategy.

  1. Leads are hot, on the phone, and exclusively yours
  2. ROI is easily tracked
  3. Faster than SEO, more qualified leads than Facebook
  4. Campaign is quickly scalable (turn down when your schedule is packed, turn up when it’s slow)
  5. Sales team improvements based on call recordings

This is simple, but powerful stuff. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found to get new leads to your business quickly. Ask your marketing team to use Call Only Ads and let us know how it goes!

If all this seems bewildering to you, give us a shout. We’re happy to extend a complimentary Marketing Strategy Session where we review your current situation, your goals, and what it will take to reach them through smart solar marketing.

To schedule this session, visit our calendar booking tool here or email us at