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Karl Markeset of Solimax

Karl Markeset

After modifying our campaign (e.g. developing highly effective key words, changing ad types, etc.) he consulted with us regarding spend rates and activated our campaigns. Within about 5 days our website was receiving substantial traffic and several more inquiries/leads about our services began arriving in our mailbox!

We went from getting 1 or 2 leads every 4 weeks to getting close to 2 to 3 leads a week and our elegantly-worded ads started showing up on many pages of several search engines. We are currently closing deals with several of the leads that we acquired through Solariety’s improved campaign and we should see revenues increase significantly because of the lead closures!

In addition, Chris provided us with critical feedback on our website design to increase load speed and thereby reach and retain more customers with little time on their hands. His website changes have had very positive impacts on our web presence and he even tied in our Facebook advertising with our current campaigns to further enhance lead generation.